Foreign worker supply

With a combined experience of more than 7 years in foreign worker labour supply and a strong network of recruitment partners within South East Asia countries, CMC has fulfilled many of their clients’ hiring needs across the following sector:

Construction Sector

Ø  Residential & Commercial Building

Ø  Agricultural & Landscaping

Ø  Ship Building

Ø  Heavy Infrastructure

Ø  Road Infrastructure

Ø  Material Handling

Ø  Power Plant

Services Sector

Ø  Customer Service

Ø  Retail & Whole Sales

Ø  Hospitality & Restaurant

Ø  Real Estate

Ø  Warehouse & Inventory

Ø  Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Ø  Accommodation & Food Services

Ø  Entertainment & Recreation

Ø  IT & Telecommunication Services

Manufacturing Sector

Ø  Precision Engineering

Ø  Electronics

Ø  Chemicals

Ø  Medical Technology

Ø  General Manufacturing Industries

Ø  Transport Engineering