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Network & System Engineer

Job Description

  • Familiar with system management and technical support such as Nginx, Linux, Network, etc., responsible for providing reliable, highly available systems. This will include related systems such as Database and Storage, related configuration, monitoring, routine maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Have rich redhat/centos 6/7 system operation and maintenance experience, preferably have RHCE/RHCA certificate
  • Familiar with database (MYSQL) operation statements, daily database backup, preferably with database optimization experience
  • Familiar with server network configuration, server wiring, best experience in organic room maintenance
  • Familiar with python scripts and bash shell scripts.
  • Familiar with related network communication protocols, such as tcpip, stp, ospf, bgp, etc., with network construction and maintenance experience.

Familiar with ciscoh3cHuawei router and switch configuration maintenance

  • Have good fault handling ability, experience in operation and maintenance is preferred
  • RHCE/RHCA, CCNP certificate is preferred
  • Experience in optimizing the use of Elastic Stack is preferred
  • Experience in building openstack is preferred

Undergraduate/specialist IT major
Minimum 3 years of work experience
Have a strong sense of responsibility
Ability to solve problems

Main responsibility:

Understand the customer's IT and business needs, write reports on related product issues and technical support analysis, and collate technical documentation
Routine maintenance and inspection of servers and related network equipment and optimization of existing systems/networks.
Support development team projects, perform installation, configuration, upgrade, maintenance, etc.
Need to communicate and deal with our upstream suppliers

EA Reg no.: R1657966
EA License Number: 09C2927


Posted 11/21/2019

Location: Tai Seng Area

5 day/ week

Full Time